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Contractors across the country have added tension fabric structures to diversify their business. The market for Tension Fabric Structures,
Fabric Buildings already exists and is growing rapidly every year due to the influx of demand for a quality building that can endure the harshest of nature's elements. 


What is a Britespan Dealer Partner?

A Britespan Dealer Partner is our way of connecting with customers around the world. Our network of Authorized Dealers service throughout North America, Europe and beyond for customers searching for the right fabric building to suit their specific needs.  As a Britespan Dealer Partner you'll do business with an innovative, award-winning company with the widest selection of available fabric building styles. Your business will be a valued member of the most extensive and experienced dealer network in the fabric building industry.

Our current authorized dealers enjoy much higher gross margins from tension membrane fabric building projects over the conventional brick-and-mortar, pre-engineered metal,
and wood-framed building contracts on average. 

Britespan recognizes from decades of experience, that the perfect recipe for success is pairing our excellence in design, engineering and fabrication with a professional, self-performing multi-faceted general contractor who can execute the contracting and construction phases in their known local markets. This partnership brings together strategically focused developed skill sets into one delivery system to the marketplace, proven to out perform the competition . 

The Britespan Benefit 

Britespan's Dealer Partner Program provides dealers with a extensive marketing strategy and training platform to facilitate collective positive customer experiences. 

  • New Dealer Startup Program: Our 2 part training program focuses on sales, managers, staff and support. Attendees receive rigorous in person training.

  • Leads are continuously supplied for your region. 

  • Staff engages and presents at many national and regional level trade shows and partners in support of our dealer's local trade shows for maximum exposure and immediate action. 

  • Business Development Managers engage your marketplace in person, directly, to obtain awards for specification insertion prior to bid publishing

  • Continuous digital training and product updates for you and your staff to join in.

  •  Dealer Co-op Funding allows for you to maximize your brands exposure while offsetting 50% of the cost. 

  • And more!

Premium Products Superior Dealers

Fabric structures are in high demand as a versatile building solution that can be quickly and conveniently be constructed for nearly any industry and application. As a Britespan Dealer Partner, you’ll be selling premium steel framed, fabric-covered structures,  engineered to the highest quality standards. 

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Higher Profit

Adding a "Fabric Division" to your organization will further diversify your revenue sources, increase deployment efficiency of other self-performed trades and broaden your reach into vertical markets. 

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Industry Leading Products

Continuous new product development from our design team provides you with a robust selection of building styles to accommodate a variety of agricultural and commercial industries. 

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Perpetual Lead Generation 

Britespan receives dozens of leads in your region every month that we simply cannot services effectively. Our customer service center assigns leads from your local area directly to your business.

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Residual Recover 

Fabric buildings have been on the market for over 20 years. Many of which are in desperate need to be recovered. Benefit from recovers and assisting clients with purchasing a second building. 

Dealer Support Network

Empowering Business Growth

To best serve your customers before, during and after the sale, you’ll get to know their businesses and share your knowledge of local building requirements. Your role as an authorized dealer is vital to Britespan’s future, and we’re 100 percent dedicated to supporting your growth and success as the local expert.

When you become an Authorized Dealer for Britespan, you can count on the trust and security that comes from working with a company who is dedicated to our customers’ success. Take some time to get to know us. We look forward to the opportunity to build something great together.

Some of our Dealer Support Network Tools include:

  • Co-op Marketing Funding
  • Full Dealer Training 
  • Dealer Portal 
  • Automatic Lead and Opportunity Referrals
  • Corporate branding and access to marketing department